Retro - Church Life

On our Retro page we've bundled together a whole bunch of events which have taken place in the life of Pitlochry Baptist Church. Hopefully they will give more of a feel for who we are and what we're all about?

Baptisms in Loch Faskally

On Sunday 19th August 2018, Dillon, Hailing, and Doug witnessed to their life as followers of Jesus by being baptised in the waters of Loch Faskally by Ladies Dell in Pitlochry. Again, it was a great day hearing and seeing them share their God stories with their PBC family, friends, family members and a good number of dog walkers and interested passersby.

Summer Fun 2018

What a great summer doing stuff in the Youth Ministry of PBC - let's do it again in 2019!

Mega Makers Holiday Club was Mega Awesome June 2018!

Spree In The Borders - June 2018   at Rock UK!

Arise our Eric!

Our nation's newest citizen was recently sworn in as our very own Eric Toralba gained his citizenship this past June. 

eric one.jpeg

The Cross of Christ

'Christ suffered for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but he was raised to life in the Spirit' 1 Peter 3:18

The Christingle 2017

One of the ways PBC celebrates the Christmas season is by organising a Christingle service. We find this to be a wonderful time of worship appreciated by both the young and old. This year, some of our youngest (Lily Ann, Laila, and Audrey) led us all by singing 'Away in a Manger.' It was seriously cute. Norma, who always attends the Christingle, was there to see the girls perform even though she had fallen on the ice 2 days before and badly broken her arm. That's dedication. As well as being an intergenerational event, the Christingle was also an international gathering with Scotland, England, Egypt, Romania, Poland, USA, the Philippines, and China all being represented. The light of Jesus shines everywhere!

Christmas Celebration

This was our third year of teamed up with the Pitochry Bowling Club in organising a special Christmas Celebration at the bowling green. It was fantastic that the three wise men did a turn as they entertained with a medley of Christmas tunes on the mouth organ. Brilliant! We sang lots of our favourite carols and listened to scripture and the retelling of that first Christmas in Bethlehem. On top of all this and more, all the money raised on the night was donated to the charity CHAS.

Friendship Hour Christmas Party

John Greenshields led Friendship Hour's Christmas Celebration in what can only be described as Santa's Grotto in the Aldour Hall. A big thank you has to go out to Andy Duncan for his love and care in decorating the hall, and to the Friendship Hour Team for their quiet faithful service throughout the year and more.

'Shhh! Don't Wake the Baby!' Nativity

If this was the first time in my life to 'go to church,' I wouldn't have complained. Our Nativity service 'Shhh! Don't Wake the Baby!', was indeed some people's first time ever at church, or at least in a very long time. It had all the must-haves of any nativity - beautiful tinsel-cladded angels, tousled tea-towelled shepherds, wobbly sets, and budding adult actors very happy and willing to do their bit by getting into the spirit of things. As a community we gathered once again to retell the wonder of the baby Jesus - to hear the familiar story and sing the familiar songs. And to do so with no less gratitude or amazement than when we last told the story. Maybe that's why it was 'refreshing' for someone who was at church yesterday for the first time in a very long time? 


'When The Spirit Comes' conference

From Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th November 2017, we ran our first conference here at PBC extending an invitation to Ken Fish of Kingdom Fire Ministries to teach and minister on 'When The Spirit Comes.' Over the 2 days we had 80+ people join us from all over the British Isles, continental Europe, and even from the USA. Not only that, but Kate, Ken's PA and one of the ministry team, flew in all the way from Australia. It felt that for that moment Pitlochry was the centre not just of Scotand, but the world! 

God was good to us. Ken brought excellent teaching from the Scriptures on the person of the Holy Spirit and His power and grace in and amoung His people. There was a lot of laughter and tears as many who attended the conference experienced the Spirit's touch in their lives. We believe that this was a significant moment for many in our church family and for PBC as a whole, and we testify to a deep hunger for what God has, 'reserved for his people in the kingdom of light' (Col 1:12).

Soap and Caffeine

 In September 2017, we had a car wash and coffee morning to raise funds for Steadfast Global in support of their work with persecuted Christians across the world. We were able to raise nearly £1,000!

See you later Jack!

He's been with us at PBC for 5 or so months (in fact, to us it seems like no time at all). But now, Jack is heading back home to his beloved Australia... and Naomi.

Jack Lochry, you will always have a place in our heart!




Eliza Hope Constance Swain

It was wonderful for PBC to be introduced to beautiful little Eliza on Sunday 10th September. This was Eliza's first time with us alongside mum Amanda and dad David, and big sister Martha. Congratulations Granma Ruth and Grandad Stevie!

Baptism on Ben Vrackie

On Saturday 26th August, Jason McPhee walked with his pastor to the loch up on Ben Vrackie and was baptised in the cold waters there in obedience to his Lord and Saviour Jesus. Never has there been such a glorious view for those who stood on the top of the Ben that day!

Baptism Service at Lady's Dell

On Sunday 20th August, June Bell, and June Bennett were baptised in Loch Faskally at Lady's Dell. It was a great day witnessing to the saving power and love of Jesus to our community, friends, and family members.

Polar Explorers Holiday Club

This August, between adults and kids, we had over 70 people involved with the re-launch of Holiday Club at PBC!  Already looking forward to next year!






In July a few of us went for an afternoon of laser tag in Dundee with a stop at the science museum.

We also had a nice day at the putting course.  It was definitely more fun than competition with a nice day in the sun.



Family Time

25th June: Having fun at the end of the Sunday service. Youth club members and their leaders show what they get up to.



Annual Prize Giving

(for the young and their leaders).




Pitlochry Baptist Church ran a programme of meetings and events to join with the global movement praying for our friends, families and neighbours. 


Easter 2017

With a baby dedication and a celebration of Jesus' resurrection - we had  a wonderful morning service.  The afternoon was also great with a community Easter Egg hunt and games.

Spring Break Sports Camp 2017

During the April holiday a group from Lakewood Baptist Church were with us as we facilitated a Sports Camp at Pitlochry High School.  It was a fantastic time of building community both locally and with the group from the USA!

Younity Youth Event

On 17 April, some from the youth group headed over to Perth for the first Younity event!

Flexi Group Get Together

Flexi group having Iraqi style lunch with focus and prayer for the persecuted church. Material from Steadfast Global and Open doors was used.

Church in the School

It is coffee time inside but the children seem reluctant to go in.