Covenant VAlues

The term covenant simply means ‘formal agreement,’ ‘solemn promise,’ or ‘public commitment.’ We see this relating to our membership at PBC in two important ways. First, when we describe church membership as a covenant commitment to a local community of believers, we are simply saying that by becoming a member of PBC, we are not simply entering into rights and privileges, but we are assuming certain responsibilities and obligations. Second, a covenant commitment is more than simply being committed. We may be committed to abstain from coffee for a period of time. However, such a commitment becomes a covenant commitment when we publicly confess our commitment before others as a formal promise or solemn vow. In the same way, regular attenders at PBC may be committed to showing up week after week. But those who have formally entered into membership have made a covenant commitment when they publicly affirmed their loyalty to carry out their biblical responsibilities as believers and members of the local church at PBC.

The church family at PBC uphold these Covenant Values in relation to how we view church membership:


We embrace the challenge of becoming a church family where people of all walks of life will come to feel at home; a community where each of us, singly and together, makes space in our lives for others. Jesus called to, and welcomed, each one of us to follow him, and so we seek to extend that welcome to anyone and everyone.



We embrace the challenge of becoming a church family where as people we are free to be vulnerable without fear of rejection; recognising that, for us, the healthiest place to be, is in our network of small groups, where personal responsibility and accountability are part of relationships within the larger church gathering.



We embrace the challenge of becoming a church family committed to serving and ministering the good news of Jesus Christ through intentional evangelism and missional living, in love, gratitude and praise to God's glory and for the joy and wholeness of all people.



We embrace the challenge of becoming a church family that will impact our whole community with God's blessings and His values. At the same time, to be a body of people that reaches out; where people know that they are 'part of something bigger', i.e. God's plans and purposes for Perthshire, Scotland and the world.



We embrace the challenge of becoming a church family where each of our lives is being changed through prayer, healing, teaching, encouragement and every other resource God makes available; so that by God's grace, the power of the Holy Spirit and as Christ's disciples, we will become ever more Christ-like.