Post from team member James

...Day today! 

I'm not really sure what day it is anymore, probably Wednesday, possible the 3rd August and definitely busy. I could look but it is quite nice not really knowing!

As you probably know from the previous posts we have been investing a large amount of time with the Cugman tribe (there are no fixed spellings here but that is probably still somehow wrong!) Cugman is an area on the outskirts of CDO and a tribe has been given some land there and have been invited to locate themselves there to benefit from the city and all it has to offer. There are a number of different people groups living in the area and the seem to be integrating well.

(Do excuse me - I need to reapply my anti mosquito stuff as I appear to be quite an attractive meal!)

We have seen some pretty amazing things happening among the tribe including a number of healings! We also established that water borne disease was a problem and there were a number of people getting ill because of polluted water supplies. Some of the other local communities have water pumps and basic water treatment and having checked those out we want to see if this could be a solution for this community.

Off the back of previous conversations and community observations, we started today researching wells, pumps, water sources and the dangers of sewage and other pollutants seeping into the water supply. Would the same solution work in a different community and what technology and expertise is there locally?

This afternoon we visited Cugman again and split into teams doing wound care, praying for healing, visiting houses, doing kids ministry and mapping the plot and locating it in relation to local land features so we can place it on a topological map of the area so we can get an idea of the general flow of the water table. We also got welcomed by the tribal leader/pastor who dressed in his tribal clothing and prepared fresh coconuts for us all! If you have not drunk the milk from a freshly cut green coconut you have missed one of the great simple pleasures in life!

There is more research to do on the water supply but it is exciting to be able to dream about a project that can save lives and begin to transform a community! Assuming the location is appropriate, we hope to install the pump in the grounds of the church so that it naturally becomes a community centre! We are also dreaming about kingdom models of business which could help sustain this community long term! Early days yet but it's exciting to dream!

This evening we were treated to a cultural night with out hosts and experience some of the rich Filipino culture including wonderful fruits, different foods and then a lot of dancing!

God is good, we are dreaming of his Kingdom coming and what that might look like for Cugman! Please pray God will give us wisdom and courage!

God Bless all - James