From team member Konna

Day 7 blog from Konna:

After an amazing and intense week, we visited a local church called Glorious Hope this morning. As soon as we were welcomed in I immediately felt how spirit filled and joyful the church was. The worship was lively, and ended beautifully with violinists. The vice principal of the school that we met on Friday gave us a great message during the service which we all enjoyed and it was lovely to meet and talk to her afterwards. We also shared some of our own testimonies to the church about what we have been doing so far in CDO. After the service we also met and spoke to the different members of the church and we then took photos.
After church we went out for lunch at a local resturaunt and got to try a range of different fillipino foods. 
Afterwards, we went back to the school we visited and played basketball with some of the pupils. (I attempted - which resulted in me just running up and down the court because I didn't know which way I was shooting)
I also played them some of my dance music and showed them how to shuffle - which was surprisingly exhausting in the hot weather, but actually very fun and amusing.
Whilst myself and some others were spending time with the pupils, another group went to visit a relocation settlement for people affected by a typhoon.
To conclude the day we got a jeepney to the mall and ate dinner together - the chicken was very nice (and so was the rice - as per usual). Afterwards we went to a Christian merchandise shop which I also thought was really cool. 
This week has personally been very overwhelming to me in various ways, and I feel that I have learnt a lot about myself, my team, this culture and my own relationship with God. After such an incredible week I am excited to see Gods gifts shine through this team, and how we can really impact these communities and change lives over the upcoming weeks.