From team member Joseph


Philippines blog 4 from Joseph Fuller

Today, our Wildfire family has been encountering God across a number of locations. We are blessed to be following on from previous work by YWAM volunteers and the local Church.

Our morning was spent in the community of Baloy. Here we joined Mega Outreach in a time of public worship before forming into smaller teams to share our living hope Jesus Christ, and pray for the sick to he be healed. People have experienced pain leaving their bodies, the restoration of mobility and also a young girl has been completely healed from fever during our visit.

Reflection is an important part of our activities and we take time to share together our struggles, encourage each other and challenge how we think about and serve others. We want to imitate the model that Jesus gave us for life as family together. We are reviewing and challenging how we think and act while doing this.

In the afternoon, we had the honour of visiting a tribal people who have relocated to the edge of the City. We were warmly welcomed by them and spent time getting to know each other around the sharing of food. Here we looked for the Character of God represented within the people we met and affirmed what we saw in them. We feel that we have received so much from their example in hospitality and are beginning to consider how we might undertake a project alongside them.

Our evening was spent in the urban centre of Divasoria with many needs both physical and spiritual. This area is a location where a huge cross section of local people live and meet. There are generations of street children here, and injustice is obvious. Our team have shared in a variety of ways, to bring truth, hope and healing to these precious lives.


Our 2nd Full day in Cagayan is providing us with many insights into Filipino lifestyle, values hopes and needs. We have been starting to consider what we can do to bring long term change to communities of people. Our group continues to grow closer as we learn more about who we each are and how to live well together.

- Joseph