Day 3 from team member Tiana Rob

"Today was our first day of outreach in and around the CDO area. Before outreach we worshiped and prayed with the rest of the mega outreach team, it was great to worship together a team. We then joined as an outreach team and spent time listening to God and his plans for our day. The Wildfire team visited a tribe for half the day. The tribe was based on the outskirts of CDO and they had recently been moved out of there original settlement. We visited different houses and prayed with individuals for healing and any other requests. I prayed for a Filipino women in one of the houses and she was so touched that we where there and was overcome with God’s joy that she starting crying. It was amazing to see what God is doing through us being his hands and letting him move through us. At the beginning of the day I had a word about God’s blood flowing through our veins allowing us to feel his presence throughout the day. God really fulfilled this word today and I felt his presence constantly with us. We where able to play with the children there and interact with them through sport and painting nails. Later on we visited a church which has been expanding recently and we saw the land YWAM has recently bought which may be used to create a training base. We then visited a local high school to see what we could do. Today we felt the Lord with us constantly and got to learn more about the culture. We are all excited and expectant to see what other things that God is going to do."