The Journey

This afternoon (25/06) we all arrived at Coconut Bay in Baloy, Cayagon De Oro, concluding our long journey from Edinburgh. In fact, prior to this we drove from our team training base in Stafford on Sunday at 6am, flew to Doha, Qatar where we had a 7hr layover before our connecting 9hr flight to Manila, Philippines. On arrival in the Filipino capital we were driven to a hotel to catch up on some lost sleep before our final flight to Cagayon De Oro. 


Our breakfast at the hotel consisted of beef, rice and eggs! After such an intense time of travelling, Jake (our leader), Hannah, and myself decided to take advantage of the 3hr wait by having an hour-long massage in the airport. This was a treat but I never expected the masseuse to sing love songs to me at the same time. I never knew this at the time because the masseuse sang in Bisaya, a language spoke predominately in the south of the Philippines. It wasn’t till it was over that Hannah happily translated for me all the masseuse had been singing. At this point every muscle I had loosened up in the previous hour tightened up again. 


We were met in COD by Maged and taken in a Jeepney, a large Filipino army truck like taxi, to where we are currently staying at Coconut Bay. The Jeepney then took us to the YWAM base in CDO where some of the team who have been here before met old friends and the newbies like me were introduced. We shared dinner and chatted with a DTS team (Discipleship Training School) based here and local volunteers. We also met some of the children who live near the base. The YWAMers on the base spend much of their time working in the surrounding community, most of which is in severe poverty. So we are all excited to witness the change God will make there. Personally speaking I've felt totally carried in prayer throughout the journey here and my brief experience of the Philippines so far. We've got on really well as a team so far and are all excited for tomorrow and the weeks to come. We feel called to the Philippines and ready to share and show the love of Jesus to all kinds of people, and wait in anticipation for what God is going to do.